Swyrich in the Community

Our Community Involvement

Our “Swyrich in the Community” program has included donations to charities in Kingston, Ontario, and to various sporting groups throughout Canada.

If you have any questions about our community programs please feel free to contact us.

Cantabile Choirs

Canatible Choirs of Kingston – For many years Swyrich has had a personal investment in the Cantabile Choirs of Kingston with members of the family partaking in the many concerts. Swyrich donates online ticketing and chorister registration services and our principles both volunteer at the concerts.

Feet for F.E.A.T

Fostering for Children logo

Walking to build brighter futures, in 2014 we are sponsoring F.E.A.T for Children, a father and daughter non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the unique needs of children affected by parental incarceration. F.E.A.T is empowering these at risk children by providing supportive programming, teaching healthy coping strategies and building brighter futures.

TreeCanada.ca Bronze Level Supporter

Planting Trees in Your Region

TreeCanada.ca and Swyrich.ca Logos

For many years we worked with our customers and suppliers to change our company to a paperless one, wherever possible. Now we take it a step further. Swyrich Corporation is pleased to announce that we are a proud bronze level supporter of TreeCanada.

As part of this commitment, many of the Swyrich family of companies have joined with TreeCanada. Effective February 1, 2013, a percentage of each sale plants trees in your area throughout Canada. We allocate trees to regions based on the percentage of sales from those regions.

Swyrich, working with TreeCanada, will help plant many species of trees that are native to the various regions of Canada, as well as replacing trees that have been damaged by disease.

Our first planting took take place in 2014.

Trees Planted To Date

      Year		  Number of Trees
      2013			4,064    
      2014			8,695
      2015			5,385
      2016			5,178    

About Tree Canada

TreeCanada is a not-for-profit charitable organization engaging Canadians in the pursuit of a greener and healthier living environment.

TreeCanada provides education, technical expertise and resources to plant and care for urban and rural trees across the country. Over the past twenty years, they have planted more than 79 million trees across the country. Eighty-five percent of each donation to TreeCanada goes directly to planting trees.

TreeCanada’s “Greening Canada’s School Grounds” Program has contributed to the greening of over 539 schools. To apply to this school program, visit their Application Forms page.

Other Swyrich Community Involvement

Over the Years

Choral Canada

Canadian Choral Communities – In 2012 Swyrich received the “Outstanding or Innovative Sponsorship” National Award from Association of Canadian Choral Communities.

Children’s Activity Book

Children’s Activity Book – Being a family company we supported this venture for many years, our support going towards creating a Activity Book that is handed out in a package to all children that are hospitalized in any one of the Children’s Hospitals across Ontario.

Cataraqui Clippers Soccer

Cataraqui Clippers Soccer – From 1999 – 2001 Swyrich helped by sponsoring the Cataraqui Clippers Club youth soccer teams.

Kingston Hockey League

Kingston Hockey League – With two of our staff playing for a team in Kingston Hockey League Swyrich was quick to offer their support for the team.

Local Triathlete

Local Triathlete 2008 and 2009 – In 2008 we were approached to help fund a local Triathlete in his goals to attend the World Triathlon & Sprint Championships in Vancouver, the Athlete was a member of the 2008 National Athletes with a Disability, he had already competed in the 2007 Championships in Hamburg Germany and finished at the Bronze Level. We also funded the Athlete again in 2009.

Kingston Tree of Lights

Kingston Tree of Lights – Every year from 2004 till 2011 our annual donation helped to “Light Up City Park”, this event put together by the Kingston Electrical Association was to light up 45 trees for those less fortunate in our community for the holiday season.

Mississauga Ice Precise

Mississauga Ice Precise – Support of advertising in the 2013 & 2014 Winterfest Synchronized Skating Competition Program.

Rose of Hope Campaign

Rose of Hope Campaign – Through the Cataraqui Golf and Country Club, we have sponsored a Golf Hole, in their annual Golf Tournament, the proceeds of which go towards the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, including helping to build a new Chemotherapy Suite.

Scotties Curling BC

Scotties Curling BC 2012 – Provincial championship held at North Shore Winter Club hosted by 2012 BC Scotties, a community event trying to make a difference.

Skate Oakville

Skate Oakville – Support of the 2013 Syncrho Capers Competition.

The Blades

The Blades – 2014/2015 Season Support

Pride Parade

Pride Parade – In 2015 and 2016 we have supported local communities by either donations or support programs  for Pride Parades from British Columbia to Newfoundland.